HourGlass Studio Custom Wedding jewelry

HourGlass Studio Custom Wedding jewelry

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fabulous weather

After a lot of rainy, cold and grey weather we finally are having a stretch of sunshine, heat and blue skies.  It is about time. Perfect weather for BBQs, family get togethers, camping or some good old fashioned yard work.  Guess what I am doing.  Yep, yard work.  Hubby has decided that I need to learn how to run the track hoe.  This should be interesting. 

I have several orders for brides to be to be packed up and ship off to their new homes and still need to get my new jewelry edited and listed on etsy.  So, I think I will make him happy and jump on the how and at least try....then later tonight I can finish up my earring and necklace orders and maybe get a movie in there too.

I hope you all did something fun this weekend.

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HourGlass Studio said...

Okay...so no track hoe for me. I ran the packer instead. Big, noisy but totally easy to run. Love the packer.