HourGlass Studio Custom Wedding jewelry

HourGlass Studio Custom Wedding jewelry

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August begins

I love summer, LOVE IT !  My favorite time of year...schools over, the kids are home, you can go outside without looking like a Eskimo, the sun shines so bright and the heat is amazing and wedding season begins.

This summer we put up a swing / fort for our son, put in a fire pit and leveled our yard.  We have 6 acres and some areas were really low, others high and we paved our driveway and parking area.  Doesn't seem like much was accomplished since June but it was a huge undertaking.  Literally hundreds of gravel trucks worth of dirt was moved from one area to another, then hours and hours of levelling it out and packing it. We still have a lot to do but its getting there.  We also hydro seeded the front of our property...a good acre.  So we finally will have some NICE grass.  Which also means a lot of mowing.  Good thing our daughter loves the ride mower. We picked weeds for ever and a day.  Thistles are evil !  LOL.

I still have plants to add to the front walk way and want a columnar aspen for the front of the house between the two bedroom windows.  Our house is really tall...so we need the height.  I want to buy some trees for the back yard area and make the fire pit look nicer than it does.  So a lot of work ahead.  We have a 5 year plan.  LOL.  Hopefully it wont take that long.

I did manage to work on some new jewelry designs ( drawings ) and plan to try some out later today.

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