HourGlass Studio Custom Wedding jewelry

HourGlass Studio Custom Wedding jewelry

Friday, July 30, 2010

100 sales on Etsy

Well, I hit my goal of 100 sales on ETSY before the end of the summer.  I took a lengthy absence from Etsy and making jewelry to take care of my health.  I had a growth inside my liver and over 60% of my liver had to be removed along with my gall Bladder because it was on the side of the growth.  It was a long recovery....ended up with H1N1 and pneumonia one week after surgery.  Major surgery. 16" scar, damaged lung and just plain worn out.  So it was a while before I did anything. 

But I am back...have been for a few months now and starting all over on Etsy.  Gaining a new customer base and enjoying the design process again.  I also sell at local  bridal boutiques, shoppes and stores but Etsy is the ground I really want to conquer.

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